Manufacturer of Precision Waveguide Bends


Currently we are capable of forming waveguide in sizes ranging from WR22 to WR137 and we can form thin wall waveguide in sizes ranging from WR28 to WR75.

We can also form the following double-ridged waveguide sizes:

  • WRD475
  • WRD750
  • WRD650
  • WRD580

We stock many of these in aluminum and OFHC so that we can provide the quickest turnaround possible.


About Us:

Established in 2001, Accubend was built from the ground up to the point where we are now bending and twisting most of the more popular sizes of W/G. Because we do most of our own tooling, we continue to grow in capability. Our goal is to become the solution to all your waveguide needs.